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Tell me a story
"Portraits Zara model inspiration" | Luana Berti 2016 - graphite on paper

Leafing the new Zara collection I'm completely impressed from happy portraits, great smiles, and expressive eyes. 
This is the gender which I prefer. And since we are in full fashion week 
I can't stop to look collections and fashion photographes. 

"Psychedelic" | Luana Berti 2016 - graphite and watercolours on paper 

The first detail that I look in a picture is the expression, if it tells a story or if it is just a beautiful shoot. 
It must give me something. There are a lot of wonderful pictures in photography 
but just a few are able to tell a story. These are only few pictures 
that captured my attention while a was looking for a story. And you? What do you think about it? 

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