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a famous byword says: "The morning has gold in mouth!"

The first sketches of 2017. The firstone realized by "sanguigna"
a red ocher used to make crayons for drawing, much in use since the Renaissance and from the Baroque to the pleasant color and the nice smooth gradation. I really love this crayon, the touch and consistent is wonderful. You can do what you want, and the colour is soft. So feminine.

There are different kind of "sanguigna" to realize this sketch I used:
+ Pencil Sanguigna dry can nuanced being at will and must be protected with fixative. It is' particularly suitable for making portraits, shadows and shades.

+ Pencil Sanguigna Fat requires no primer and is therefore particularly suitable to dripping or extemporaneous portraits.

The Sanguigna is available both in the form of a square section rod which is formed by pressing the powder, both as a mine of wooden pencils. The hardness is higher than the graphite and the yield of light and shade is smaller than the charcoal.

You can find some pencil here:
+ Matita Sanguigna Rembrant Lyra

There are a lot of wonderful artist very good in sanguigna use, if your looking for some inspiration :)

I hope to inspire you. 
Have a great day to everyone! 

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