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5 great illustrators that I follow

1| Judith Van Den Hoek  talented fashion illustrator currently based in Gouda. Judith’s illustrations captures a different perspective of fashion collections that is very creative, sensual and beautiful to observe.

2|  Paul Holland illustrations are strong, very good and so cool! I love it! 

3| Natalia Sanabria Natalia is an illustrator from Costa Rica. Personaly I love her style and the way to sharing emotions in her works. 

4| Tracy Turnbull She is an great, funny, happy and modern illustrator and she put a mixture of digital and hand rendering

5| Chrissy Lau an illustrator from England and now lives in Sydney, Australia. Her illustrations are inspired by her Chinese heritage and are instantly recognisable by her signature delicate lines, masses of flowing hair; intricate patterns. 

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