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Why live in a great city is great?

1.  There are a lot of things to photograph | 2. Photography is my second favorite hobby | 3. To photograph industrial city and city centre I like it so much | 4. You can improve your english | 5. You can meet a lot of people | 6. You can learn a lot | 7. You can having breakfast in such a different location | 8.  Walking is a perfect gym for your body | 9.  Music is everywhere | 10. Art is everywhere!

1 | Samuel Beckett bridge (designer Santiago Calatrava)  on the river Liffey - Arnaldo Pomodoro Sphere Within Sphere inside Trinity College
3 | Guinnes Storehouse - Dublin. If you choose to give a look inside the Museum you get a Guinness pint free!
4 | Inside Guinnes Storehouse. 5 | Dublin centre. 7 | My favorite breakfast at Coffeeangel
9 | The best thing is to find a local group of musicians that make your day happy and funny!  They have really a great style!
10 | Street Art  around Temple Bar. You can't miss it! 

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