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Why I choose to open a blog 

A lot of friends asked to me why I choose to open a blog: 
-"Where are you going to go with your sketches?"- ; - "Why are you photographing your drawings?"

In this post I'm going to answer at these questions 

Surfing in to the web I found a very interesting blog who tells about your free time, and what do you do to relax. "Do something each day that you can 
look forward to. Something that you like, not because it helps you reach your goals, but just because it’s fun."

I have drawn since I started to take a pencil in my hands. When I was a child my mum used give to me a sketchbook and a lot of markers of different colours 
to pass my free time. 

It was the best present who she could do to me. 

I started to draw in every less  of time. During the boring events, at school, in train, in front of tv,  at the bus stop, on the airplane, before I go to sleep.  
When I feel the need. Because drawing for me it's like recharge  the battery and restart again. 

I can't stay a lot of time without do it, because it is a part of me. When I don't draw for a while, I feel empty, listless, bored, and nervous. 
So it's very important to me to don't leave out this passion.
In my drawings I can be everywhere. Headphones and music is enough for me to enter in a new dimension, without outside distractions. 
Would you like to go to Times Square? Eat a muffin? Walk on the ramblas in Barcelona? Have an appetizer on the beach? I can be wherever I want! 
Or better... wherever my mind chooses to bring me! 
I think that if you have a passion, you shouldn't repress it. It's the best think you could have.
Obviously I didn't draw always like now... Many artists influenced me in these years. So I muted my stile a lot of times. 

I love to learn something new, for me one of the most gratifying and fun ways to de-stress during the week is to make a list of things to learn! 
We’re never big enough to learn something new! It’s a way to hold the head on and be awake! 

Also Picasso was agree with me! :D
He used to say: - “I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.” - 
So anyway, this is the real matter that push me to pubblish my sketches. I love this way to express myself, and I want to learn anymore, everyday. 
I’m following artists that, like me, are drawing addicted! 
In this blog you can find, illustrations, sketches, photographs and every thing that capture my mind and stimulates the curiosity.

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